April 18, 2017
You could have noticed her roaming around, running back and forth from KKc to Ma…

You could have noticed her roaming around, running back and forth from KKc to Mazā Kaņepe and vice-versa. Maybe you wonder who is she, but you are a bit too shy to ask. Worry no more, as this week #kkchumans introduces you to Dita Mancēviča.

I’m staying at one place for quite a while – I’ve been a bartender and now I’m doing more administrative work in KKc and Mazā Kaņepe. And there are some people who don’t understand it, like “oh, you are still just a bartender”. But I remember those summers in the bar which were an absolute fun. When you get up in the morning and you are actually happy going to the work. Isn’t it that most people want to achieve in their life?

When I started to manage Mazā Kaņepe it was a big struggle for me and probably still is. I had no relevant experience, I had only trust of people who offered me a job. It’s interesting how in schools they are putting in our heads this formula: if you want to do better you just need to work harder. But it doesn’t work like that in small business, there is always this magical x-factor which makes things happen. You can stay up long, work more than 12 hours but something just doesn’t click. It was a mind turning moment for me.
Mostly people come to KKc and say that it is a truly magical place with a very special atmosphere. For me, it’s so different because I know all these mechanisms that are working behind the “magic”. I wish I can come someday here, relax and feel it in this special way. But now I can be easily distracted by a dirty glass that has to be washed or by the mess in the toilet.
I like to be brutally honest with people and with myself and I hate arrogant people. At the KKc bar I can be very honest and straight-forward. Even with customers. If I think somebody is rude I can refuse to give him a beer unless he apologizes or if somebody is too loud you just say it. And nobody is offended because it’s honesty. Be nice to people and they’ll be nice to you – it’s so easy.

I like to challenge myself. I did a full marathon race, once I quit alcohol and junk food consuming for half a year. I’m trying to test myself all the time to what are my limits. Eventually, you realize there are no particular limits.

I have this thing – I don’t remember peoples’ faces at all unless I saw them at least 20 times. So for quite a long time I thought it is a super power – to recognize and “read” faces. Then I understood that it’s me who is a special one. Although, it was kind of a problem to work in the bar because I could ask one person his ID for ten times during the one evening. Now I have in my head different groups of people: pretty-girl-with-a-brown-hair type, smiling-guy-with-a-beard type etc.
The warmest memories are those about really early summer mornings when you end a shift at 6 am and the sun is rising, people are hurrying for the work, you are going with colleagues to have a slice of pizza and go home to sleep. Or suddenly out of the blue somebody offers to go to the beach and you take a taxi and go altogether with coworkers and random people who stayed up till the bar is closed, to enjoy the seaside.

If I can be any object I would like to be a plant. Something that grows and reacts to the environmental changes. Also, I like the idea that life has a beginning and the end.


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