August 27, 2017
Who stands behind the culture program of KKc? Who is in charge of you being happ…

Who stands behind the culture program of KKc? Who is in charge of you being happy at the concert? #kkchumans talked to Anete — the KKc program magician and future date planner.

Since I was eight years old I knew I wanted to work in culture. For some time I also wanted to be a truck driver but culture won over. When applying to the Academy of Culture I applied for Asian studies as well, in case they reject me. Why? I just really liked sushi.

I’ve been working in KKc for 3 years already. At one point, I was also a bartender so I finally saw “the real people”. Most of my job is computer work, emails and phone calls. Being a bartender gave me the opportunity to communicate with our audience more, to feel the vibrancy of the place. It’s much nicer to work with people than with computers. I like solving complicated problems, but the best feeling is when you’ve been working on a project for a long time and when it’s finally happening the room is full and people are happy.

Working in KKc is a bit like living in a bubble — you are surrounded by nice, tolerant, open minded people and good atmosphere. But once you step outside it is a quite different society.This perspective gives us understanding that we need to work more for the people “outside”, have social responsibility and broadening the horizons. I think Riga lacks spontaneous events — when you go through the park and suddenly come across some unpredictable performance. Not knowing and experiencing by accident — this is something I would like to have here. So if I had an opportunity and budget to do any kind of event it would be some sort of Truman show in Riga. I would like to involve the whole city in something they don’t have a clue about, make all the citizens participate without actually knowing about it.

I have this quality which I hate. It’s a need to be in a control of plans; I plan everything till the smallest detail. I can’t go sleep if I have unread emails. Seems like it’s not that bad after all but I’m trying to get rid of it. I enjoy spontaneous adventures and events probably even more than planned ones. So I want to be free from this control freak inside me. Recently I had an idea that I could be a good date planner — creating a special spontaneous moments for someone else. I see myself in this creative thinking process, then executing it and watching people being satisfied.

If I could be any object in the world I would be a security camera. I like to observe people, especially when they don’t notice me. You know, like stalking people’s windows — observing different stories, seeing people being very natural without acting or pretending.


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