November 11, 2016
We had a  #kkchumans chat with Aigars just several hours before his birthday. Ai…

We had a #kkchumans chat with Aigars just several hours before his birthday. Aigars is a former bartender, now a tough bouncer on Thursdays and a talented artist during other days. We got some interesting facts and thoughts out of our 7 hours conversation.
Aigars about his work in KKc:
I used to come to KKc pretty often before finding the actual job here. I saw this cool ad that they are looking for new bartenders. So I wrote a motivational letter which consisted of some usual stuff and also I mentioned if they didn’t give me a job I would starve to death. I guess it eventually worked out good for both sides.

While working as a bartender I used to have 10 fake names. I did it so nobody can distract me from my bar duties by shouting out my real one. My favorite name is Vitalijs. There was an awkward moment when I met one woman at the exhibition and she called me Vitalijs. Do I even look like Vitalijs? Don’t think so. Then I realized I need to write down all my names to keep track of my different lives.

Aigars about his art:
I didn’t find art academy inspiring, so I left it. I haven’t finished a single painting since that time. Now I want to focus more on illustration. For example recently I’ve been working on the illustration for my friend’s music album. Maybe it’s a bit surreal, I was trying to separate all the lyric’s topics and define objects for them, then create sort of situation, conflict out of it, adding my own feelings and thoughts. I guess, in general Latvian art tends to be subjective and very personal. There were times when I was trying to be more social and historically relevant, but now I don’t feel confident enough to do this. For me in art it is important that even though you are out of the actual context you can still feel huge impact from it.
Check it out here

Aigars about his memories:
KKc always used to have very intense power as a culture spot. You could see the weirdest outstanding things here. Now I see another direction of their development. It’s not bad, it’s the natural change when the space expands. Events are way safer.
Once there was a weird week in KKc life, when we where operating like the most underground pub ever due to some circumstances. We put dark mattresses on the windows, dark curtains were everywhere. We had a special person at the entrance who checked all the people who wanted to get in. You could do that only being in secret Facebook group. Everybody was drunk, we had the loudest concert those days, and I still can’t get how it was possible. We called ourselves “the night shelter”. We were against the system so much, haha, insane times!


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