February 3, 2017
We accidentally met Ingemārs Dzenis in Liepāja and fell in love with his passion…

We accidentally met Ingemārs Dzenis in Liepāja and fell in love with his passion towards everything he does. #kkchumans wish everybody to do only work they truly enjoy!

I’ve been barista for 10 years, I’m really a “coffee guy”, but five years ago I started to drink craft beer and changed my life perspective. I mean, when you like something and then try to get into it, to understand how it works, and then suddenly you went so far, you can’t stop.

One day my friend called me and asked if I can recommend someone because he needs an assistant in the beer brewery. The minute after I hang the phone I was trying to understand if I can handle it, because I wanted so much! I called back and his answer was “Actually, i was expecting you”. So nothing is by chance, you know.

We are nano beer brewery called Alķīmiķis and so far doing beer only for Riga. We plan to do a bigger brewery which anyway stays a small brewery. I feel that there is no competition between small breweries, it’s a one big brotherhood, where everybody is pushing the limits.

Now I work there at least five days per week, it’s incredibly hard job but I love every second of it. I’m excited of doing something real. I can’t describe my feelings when I sit at my bar and hear somebody’s ordering Alķīmiķis. Because every produced bottle I touched at least five times.

When I was a child I dreamt to be a fireman (c’mon, they have big red cars!), but now I’m a “bar scientist”. I’m discovering and developing something that’s not there yet. And I damn like it!


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