October 26, 2016
Today we are launching our new weekly project  #kkchumans about all the amazing …

Today we are launching our new weekly project #kkchumans about all the amazing people you might see at our center. We are collecting thoughts, stories, memories about culture and unique experiences in KKc. This is a project created by our wonderful volunteers – Yuliya and Anta.

Let us start with our close friend, the talented Latvian jazz musician Deniss Pashkevich. We caught him before his recent concert at KKc.

Deniss about KKc:
“ I’m here from the very beginning when Davis started this place. All the team members have done an amazing work to change the space to the place we are seeing now. I see that behind each project stands a human being, a person.
I saw this place in different shapes, we were one of the first guys who played here. What is important for us as musicians is that here we can play exactly what we want, any project we want: whether it’s pure jazz or avantgard. Some places are pushing you to play only what they want to. And KKc always asks for truth and honesty.
I like that it’s not a place for glamour but a place for art. We all feel very comfortable here, even though sometimes it’s overcrowded. But this means that KKc has a special energy and vibes, it’s like the temple of art for many people not only from Riga, but from other cities and countries. ”

Deniss about his memories:
“This old house was a musical school. This room, where we are sitting right now (place on the left from the bar), was a drum class.
In my childhood I had a musical technical exam for the flute here. I was very nervous; Soviet Union’s education system put a lot of pressure on the kids. So my mom gave me a pill, which cosmonauts used to relax. As a result I was playing all the etudes twice faster than it should be, then stopped at some point and walked away very fast trough the door. But what I thought to be a door was actually a wall, so I crashed straight into the wall. Apparently, this is one of my best stories from this place!”


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