August 18, 2017
This week we were invited to the beautiful garden to have a  #kkchumans conversa…

This week we were invited to the beautiful garden to have a #kkchumans conversation with Marta – one of the KKc curators. Marta is 50% of Georgian warmth and 50% of Latvian nature lover.

I started to work in KKc 5 years ago as a bartender. At that time mostly bartenders were creating this very cool “KKc vibe”. It was quite special to have such diversity: Latvian-Hungarian girl, Latvian-Georgian girl (me), Japanese girl who was working in the embassy as well as a bartending here. Now it’s probably not a surprise anymore as Riga became much more multicultural and people are more open and accepting towards foreigners.

And I like that KKc is not just another bar but a boiling pot of unexpected events, meet ups and all kind of things. It’s great that whenever I come here I can always meet the right people and not the ones I know in particular. You can have an interesting conversation, silly jokes and laughing or a dance battle – the evening will tell.

I guess my biggest passion is to be passionate, to truly enjoy and love what I’m doing. Since I was a kid I knew for sure that I want to travel the world. I think I can spend all my life just travelling around the beaches.

This year I visited my dream land Australia, and there I found my new passion – the ocean. There I experienced and finally saw and got to know myself from a completely different angle. I’ve never been as happy before as by the ocean. Its power is hard to describe – harmful and joyful at the same time. People are happier by the ocean and certainly healthier physically. To be good friends with the ocean – you need to stay fit. I finally got this famous saying – a healthy mind in a healthy body. I literally saw the healthy mind, the healthy spirit. I realized there is no need for theater or conceptual art to get the truth of life – the ocean is the answer for me. When I’m there on the beach I don’t think about anything else – it is a pure happiness of this moment.

There are so many i-know-everything snobs around us, I hate them. And I also can be a snob and then I hate myself. But the ocean makes us even; you can see the actual love and get cleaned. It is the primal source of love and all the good things for me. And of course if you ask me what I want to be – the ocean, alive and powerful, with all these fish and beautiful reefs inside.


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