September 2, 2017
This week  #kkchumans hero is our dear friend Miks aka Pagāns. Most probably you…

This week #kkchumans hero is our dear friend Miks aka Pagāns. Most probably you have seen him hundreds of times in KKc, and, well, now you know enough to start a conversation with him on the terrace.

Since the door of this building opened I’m here. At the beginning KKc was quite a trashy underground spot with a dream of becoming a culture center one day. Now this dream has come true, but it required some changes as well. Maybe KKc became prettier and less risky in the content but still it’s a place with the same values and principles. Let’s admit – we are not twenty anymore, and this space develops together with us. It’s a big community not just a place with a nice terrace. I’m a person of habit so one of my favorite things is that I know almost every person who works here. Whenever I come I always can have an interesting discussion, and sometimes I don’t even need to say my order – bartenders know it. So it is my second home.

Somehow I managed to never work in KKc officially although I’ve been constantly involved in different kind of projects. It can be connected to the fact that in general I’m floating through my life. I don’t have this routine stability and “nine to five” job. Somehow I got into technical translation and I’m still stuck there. I remember my first translation job was a Subaru car manual. And I hated it. Now, eight years later I`m still translating as a freelancer. This freedom that I’m getting from being a freelancer I would not change for any kind of so called financial stability. I like to work with technical language, imagining all these mechanical processes that are described in manuals. My main purpose and satisfaction is to make the translation user friendly, make the difficult text flow so any user can easily understand it.

I have a dream – I’ve always wanted to write a children book. I even started to write it and now it has been on my desktop for already a year – waiting for the right moment.
Recently I got into boating and I’m pretty excited about it. Taking small rivers, facing unexpected turns and fallen trees, finding quick solutions – I truly enjoy all these challenges. I would like to be a rock in the river: the rock stays always at the same place but the river flows and constantly brings something new. That’s how I feel about life – it goes through me, cutting rough edges and shaping me.


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