January 22, 2017
This week for  #kkchumans we caught Roberts Čehovičs and his random thoughts on …

This week for #kkchumans we caught Roberts Čehovičs and his random thoughts on important and a bit less important topics. You might have met this quiet philosopher and dreamy composer while he was pouring you another glass of beer in KKc.

I started working in KKc 6 months ago because I had to work somewhere. I like bartending, but I don’t like the concept of it — those people on a Friday night at 1am who are yelling “more drinks, more beeeer”. Now I’m quitting and moving back to my hometown Liepaja. Riga was kind of my dream city. I’ve been living here for 5 years and now I’m disappointed. So I feel I need to step back into my comfort zone and go for long walks, sleep more at night, read books.

I used to enjoy playing music. Before moving to Riga I used to play guitar and sing. Now I’m more into composing. The first song that I wrote was about the girl I liked, her smile and her name written on my skateboard. Another one was about young Roberts and the girl — I met her at some party, we smoked a cigarette half-half and I really liked it, it was quite romantic. So I started to smoke. Smoke while I’m drinking and drink while I’m smoking.

I would like to teach philosophy to children at the countryside. I have some problems with leadership, but I still want to do it. Probably I can’t change the world, but I can make some influence on other people. In this way I change the world on a very small scale. Also, I dream to live in a world without money. Everything would be based on the trust and skills exchange. You want a beer – just go to the bar and get it for free, because you are a driver or a doctor or something else. This circle of exchange leads to the point where we actually wouldn’t need money anymore. But it’s impossible in a society where you don’t know each other personally. It could grow from a small commune, possibly not larger than 600 people, who have the same agreement and trust each other.

If I could be any object I’d like to be a door. Everyone could step into another reality through me. It must be a great feeling.


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