January 29, 2017
The dangerous mix of fun, high intelligence and crazy dancing — this is Enlai Ho…

The dangerous mix of fun, high intelligence and crazy dancing — this is Enlai Hooi. If you ever bump into him you will probably be stuck in hours of interesting conversations. To make it easier for you, here are some of Enlai thoughts in a weekly #kkchumans edition.

Let me start with my life philosophy which is about generosity. The concept of generosity is kind of under talked about and underrated in society. People usually consider it either as a treat or altruism, nothing in between. My goal is to give as much as I can of myself and my resources to the point where I never expect anything in return. The most kinds of dissatisfactions occur through unmet expectations. If you are generous the most important thing to do is to be generous without expectations. I’m not saying specifically about money — we have so many other resources. Whenever I have an apartment I try to offer a sleeping place for my friends or couchsurfers. Quite often I just leave my keys to people when I’m traveling and they never even meet me. If you are worried about theft or people breaking your things then just don’t have stuff that you care about. I try to have everything I need in one large suitcase because I move a lot. I’ve been living in eight different countries by now. The importance of “lightness” is becoming more and more popular. For instance, I bought a house, renovated it and filled it with all kinds of stuff, but all these things are not my things, they belong to the house. The point is to be not attached to the stuff you own.

My major and passion is architecture and design. I did my master thesis about space illusions, researched quite a lot in this area. I put all this knowledge into my apartment in Riga. I redid it from the two bedroom into a five bedroom flat using certain techniques of manipulating the feeling of space. On paper, the space is quite small, but in reality five people are comfortably living there, sleeping on king size beds.

I’m trying to create methods of passive income because I don’t want money to dictate my decisions. Money can free you but can also trap you. You always need to think about what you are buying, where you are investing etc. To successfully establish this kind of income you need to put in a lot of effort and time. I’m postponing a number of things that I would like to do now for a later time. Currently, I work on the project of the espresso bar “Save My Day”. I’m from Melbourne which is a home of coffee culture and I grew up at the very “coffee” street. We have very high standards of coffee there, especially considering espresso, thanks to northern Italians who arrived in Melbourne in 50-70s. I want to bring all these best things to Riga. Coffee in Riga is too expensive and too slow. At our place we will be able to give you a high specialty level coffee every 12,5 seconds.

And the last but not least: life is all about making a guess and pretending that it was the best choice. Because basically there are no good or bad decisions, you just need to do it.


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