December 23, 2016
Some time ago KKc hosted an outstanding music show of Dominick Gray – “Telesonic…

Some time ago KKc hosted an outstanding music show of Dominick Gray – “Telesonic 9000”. #kkchumans caught Dominick to find out more about the magic of creation, his plans and ideas.

I don’t remember what exactly got me into it. I was experimenting a little bit with video editing and found it really interesting. In the USA I worked in the theater. My work there has always been on the crossroads of different disciplines. So multidisciplinary aspect of my show exists not without a reason.

When I moved to Europe I realized that I need to do something more personal. I got back to my video editing passion, building more and more visuals, so after some time I started to think about the show itself. I asked myself what I would like to see at the performance. It should be partly educational, it’s visual, the music is dynamic. So that’s how I came up with an idea to mix movie screening and drum concert. I must admit I saw quite a lot of movies before choosing the right shots. In the end, I collected and saved between 250 and 300 films. All of them are from the big public archive, so it is totally legal if somebody is worried. Of course, you might say it’s insane and it’s tons of work, but there are a lot of things in life that are worth doing no matter what. I designed this show in that way that you literally can’t leave for a drink or toilet 🙂

It’s because videos are flowing so naturally to one another, you are trapped in this visual trip. I’m truly enjoying all the parts of the process: editing visuals, writing music and playing drums. So kind of strange to say this, but I still get nervous on the stage when I’m alone. Here, in Baltic countries, people are especially laser focused. This is actually good because they really listen to your music, but it also demands more responsibility from you as an artist.

As a kid, I wanted to be a film director and I’m still interested in it. Very likely it’s going to be next step in my show – I would like to shoot videos by myself.
But if you ask me what I would like to be except human being – it’s an idea. It must be really cool to be a synthesis of someone thoughts and efforts that lead to a creation of the brand new thing. Creation is always a magic.


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