May 26, 2017
She works at the bar, curates events, leads a radio broadcast, directs dance per…

She works at the bar, curates events, leads a radio broadcast, directs dance performances and occasionally performs herself. Restless Linda Krūmiņa for the new edition of #kkchumans!

I studied accountancy and hated it. Physically, my body was screaming “nooo” and my mind was refusing to do it, but I could still force myself. Most of the people are raised by this principle — there is no “I can’t”, there is only “I don’t want to”. Following the same rule, which I didn’t really agree with, I finally finished accountancy, quit everything and went to Denmark to study theatre.

Dancing always attracted me and I really wanted to be involved in all of its processes. But I had these thoughts of not being good enough for it, not having skills or talents or whatever else it takes. I felt clumsy and quite critical towards myself. I tried hard to avoid this and do something else, but dancing art caught me anyways.

I’m interested not only in the “dancing” part of the contemporary dance but also about its meaning, philosophy and perception; trying to understand it from different points of view — from the performers side as well as the audiences. Contemporary dance puts you in the mood of exploration instead of boxes and standards. It doesn’t say that you can put your hands only in this way or move your legs only in that direction. You ask yourself “how do I feel today?” and move your body accordingly and it will be fine. That’s what caught my attention and got me hooked from the first sight. It allows you to explore and look for things every day. The word “wrong” simply doesn’t exist. Contemporary dance gives you tools and methods but lets you figure out on your own what feels right for you. It’s not only about moving but also correlation to social/philosophical theories. You can explore the human being and the mind itself through the movement and body. It can can connect people more directly than words. Total freedom of expression.

If, for some reason, I won’t do arts anymore, I would do seed snacks and energy bars. I really like seeds. If I could be any object in the world I would be a dark grey rock. First you are quite edgy but through time the sea makes you more round.

My first meeting with the “Skolas iela 15” building happened at the time when there was no KKc — around 6 years ago. There were exhibitions and performances but no bathrooms or heating. We would try to wash the floor so it can look decent but in five seconds it would be covered with ice. Oh, also, there were mice all around. Quite crazy times, right?


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