Viesistabas koncerts // Only Wolf

15.11.16 @ 20.00

Only Wolf ir kanādiešu izcelsmes dziesminieks no Vankūveras. Uzmanīgs komponists, kurš izmanto lēnus ritmus un hipnotiskas ‘’cilpas’’, tiecoties radīt lirisku un apcerīgu mūziku. Viņa darbi izceļ mūsdienu dzīves divdomīgi emocionālo ainavu un pārcilvēka vēlmes.

Ieeja: 1 eur

Video: Pirate Drones – RIDE THE TEMPO
Soundcloud: Pirate Drones
Bandcamp: Chemicals – The Passenger Remix
Official website: onlywolf.com
Facebook: facebook.com/musiconlywolf
Twitter: therealonlywolf
Instagram: therealonlywolf

Only Wolf is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Vancouver, BC. A careful composer of downtempo beats and hypnotic loops, Only Wolf strives to create both a lyrical and ruminative music. His work excavates the ambiguous emotional landscape of contemporary life and our transhuman desires.

“Despite its slow-burn dreaminess this psych/folk beauty is rich with complex arrangement. With each listen you pick up more levels in the gauzy tapestry.” -Mark Anthony Brennan

“Parker fights the swirlingly chaos of synths and clings to the debris of a broken (relation) ship, before admitting what has gone wrong: “You can take what you want, so you take what you want / I don’t know why you don’t know this at all? And you don’t know why I don’t want it at all.” -Laura Stanley

Entrance: 1 eur

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