Terases koncerts // Obradovic – Tixier Duo

08.06.17 @ 20.00

Obradovic – Tixier Duo – akustika kombinācijā ar elektronisko franču pianista Deivida Tixier un horvātu bundzinieces Ladas Obradovičas izpildījumā.

Klausies šeit:

Ieeja: 3 EUR

The “Obradovic – Tixier Duo” is a brand new project made out of the collaboration of a french pianist David Tixier and a Croatian drummer Lada Obradovic. New fresh sound of acoustics mixed with electronics, texts, polyrhythms, intrigues and a lot of loops interlocked with sophisticated harmonies and settled within the wily polymeters serve as a source of a transfer for the music led by emotions and elegance.

Entrance: 3 EUR

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