Machine 002 | dzīvā elektronika

18.03.17 @ 22.00

Skaņa kā instruments. Krustceles starp elektronisko deju mūziku un eksperimentālajām formām. Tehno un troksnis. Klasiskā mūzika un skaņas dizains. Platformas MACHINE otrais precedents piedāvā gan vairākus elektroniskās mūzikas koncertus, gan dīdžejsetus tumšās nakts turpinājumā. Dažādo izpausmju vienojošais elements – dzīva, gandrīz vai organiska video performance.

Sound as instrument. An intersection between electronic dance music and experimental forms. Techno and noise. Classical music and sound design. The second precedent of the MACHINE platform offers a variety of live electronic music concerts and DJ sets to take one into the dark night. The unifying element of the whole of these diverse expressions – a live, almost organic video performance.

ELVI | present.reprise | beta version, live A/V |
For the first time and as an experiment – a work-in-progress audiovisual performance by ELVI (AKA Elvi Soulsystems) and DEE that aims to find a new/alien/additional/different/imaginary space in the music of Schubert, Cage, Feldman, Vivaldi, Bach, Fauré, Wagner…

GESTA | live |
A man that’s well known for his powerful take on the enigmatic genre of “techno” in his DJ sets, but all too enigmatic as a live performer. Yet much like his vinyl collection his approach to hardware and modular system based live setup is mind-bending. Do not miss this performance as the next will most definitely be different already!

N1L | live A/V |
Hailed by reviewers and music lovers across Europe, N1L is unfortunately a rare addition to event line-ups here in Riga. Just listen to his latest EP – Ikea Zen on UIQ and imagine ten times that on a big soundsystem! N1L manages to somehow make one mad about the unpredictability of his grooves and mad hyped about the sheer strength of the sound itself.

KODEK | live |
A man who has gone from chiptune and producing straight-up electronic funk for rappers to basically building his own modular synthesizers (collaboration with the world-famous Erica Synths) all within a few years. His synthetic expressions are as eclectic and diverse as his stage persona.

GR | DJ set |
Creative director behind RIOT here is a true perfectionist. A man who has not once liked a set he’s played even though people have basically confessed to have found God whilst dancing to one. A man who’s in constant search of the right kind of space in a resonating ocean of sound.

Since last year one of the busiest bees of the DJ scene of Riga has also become the manager of club ONE ONE. Which does not stop him from exploring hugely diverse corners of dance music whilst always retaining a somewhat undefinable, smooth tone to anything he touches – be it African influences or the arcades of house music or dubby techno.

DEE | live visuals |
Almost all through the night the live performances as well as the DJ sets will be blessed with the visual interpretations of sound by video artist DEE. Being a part of both the #RIOT crew and the #HOUSE_PURGATORIO event series she has a unique, almost otherworldly approach to motion graphics that are always the creations of her own, always digitally modelled yet seemingly alive, organic even.

Ieejas biļete no plkst. 21: 3€
Entrance from 9pm: 3€

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