Kaņepes Piektdiena

12.07.19 @ 21.00

Quite a special evening at our house. Lots of improvisation, different sounds and good feelings in one (looong) night.

Come by, get your groove on and polish yer’ finest shoes. Kaņepes Piektdiena awaits!

Entrance: 3 EUR (after 1 am, entrance: 2 EUR)


﹣21.00 – 22.00 Borderless soundscapes of nowhere by Ab uno (Koncerts // Ab uno)
﹣23.00 – 04.00 probably your best night out. Lasha Maruashvili [CAFE-GALLERY] GE, Vako T [CAFE-GALLERY] GE, Charch [Biit Me Riga Record Store] GE

More info about the performing artists – find below!


Ļoti īpaša piektdiena mūsmājā. Daudz improvizācijas, dažādu skaņu un labu sajūtu vienas (garas) nakts ietvaros.

Gaidīsim Tevi Kaņepes Piektdienā!

Ieeja mājā: 3 EUR (pēc plkst. 01.00 ieeja 2 EUR)


Ab uno is the Berlin-based experimental music project founded by Eugenio Petrarca and Roberto Di Ciaccio. Their work ranges from deep modular synths explorations to ambient improvisation, audiovisual composition and interactive installations.

👉 https://abuno.bandcamp.com/releases
👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTYuYNEihWw&t=1s

– –

CAFE-GALLERY is a multifunctional space that involves: Cafe, Bar, Exhibition Gallery and Night Club.

“Gallery”, as it is called by their guests, was founded ten years ago and is one of the most important parts of the Georgian Club scene. The only reason for its importance is that “Gallery” became the space which was trying for years to change the way of thinking of Georgian youth.

Many famous Georgian DJs started to play in “Gallery” and grew up together with them. This place still is the starting for many newcomer DJs.

👉 https://soundcloud.com/charchila
👉 https://www.residentadvisor.net/club.aspx?id=56971

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