DJ vakars // Riga Record Dig

22.03.18 @ 22.00

It’s being a while ago, when Riga Record Dig’s former members meet up, hunting for any piece of rounded PVC, around and abroad, known as records. Since then, there were a lot of fairs and affairs made together, launched store or more warehouse/workshop kinda thing, with thousands of records and attributes to support and make them happen. As it’s somewhere business nowadays, not just fun or passion, I had to pause some other activities of mine. DJ sets are also included in the list, as it’s more occasional these days, then constant or intentional. From the other hand music in mind is gone at the very strange level, where I can smth catchy for me in very unpredictable things, and at the same time some other genious inventions there might not bother me at all. So here’s the deal: one Thursday’s evening at the very drinking space will happen me, with some records which bother me lately the most. Not that much of a dance thing, but definitely you can if you want to.

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