Diskusija // Augu valsts ārstnieciskais potenciāls

09.05.17 @ 17.00

Laipni lūgti uz tikšanos un sarunu ar Nikolu Freris

Nikola Freris ir Kembridžas medicīnas absolvente kas praktizējas hronisku veselības problēmu novēršanā ar diētas un dzīvesveida izmaiņām. 10 gadus pavadījusi Brazīlijas Amazonas reģionā kur pievērsās augu valsts medicīnai ko papildus arī studēja . Šobrīd praksē izmanto arī kaņepi.

Meeting and discussion with Nicole Freris.

Nicole Freris, MB, BChir, MRCP, MRCGP, is a GP working in a busy inner London practice, addressing chronic health problems through dietary and lifestyle interventions. She has been through the rigors of mainstream medicine, graduating from Cambridge and becoming a member of the Royal College of Physicians and General Practitioners. She took 10 years out of her GP training, to work on health projects in the Brasilian Amazon, where she also worked as a researcher for Greenpeace and trained in Permaculture design. Returning to the UK she became immersed in the Permaculture network, organising and teaching design courses. She took the degree in medical herbalism at the Middlesex University and went on to teach herbal students clinical skills. More recently she has worked with some powerful plant healers and guides. She has come to knowing that disease is deeply rooted in the disconnection with our purpose and with the unfathomable web of life that we are an expression of. It is this understanding that holds in meaning and helps her navigate the array of insights offered by science.

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