Dauga Spirit: SnowDrop

10.02.17 @ 21.30

Welcome home, magic seekers.

We are Dauga Spirit community and here’s our next event. It’s lying down under the snow, it’s shining brightly in the night sky, it warms our hearts and it will become real on the full moon night, 10th to 11th of February.

The river is flowing onwards to gather the psychedelic tribe together again. It brought the white flower of our dreams and the bright star of ever-present wisdom, that we are going to manifest through the art, music and relationships.
By joining us this day you will become a part of the sacred experience that is hidden behind the walls of the default world. Bring the best you have and share it with everyone.

Get ready for 12 hours long psychechedellic trip

The code of the event is P.L.U.R. :
Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. Please folow it everywhere.

Also, we ask you to keep yourself from capturing any photos videos.
Enjoy the moment!
Professional photographer will be working on site.


INFINITY Stage ///////////////////////
✸ Lugus (Lost in Time Records) / Belgium

✸ AnnesZia (Forestdelic Records) / Russia

✸ Unitone (Vertigo Records) / Estonia

✸ Aiຝa (Final Chakra OU) / Estonia

✸ AfterZen / Latvia

✸ Max Worm / Latvia

✸ Edessey / Latvia

✸ Quant’o’Logic / Latvia b2b Psyruss (SpaceSunNight) / Germany

✸ Symmetric Vision / Latvia

SPACE Pearl Stage //////////////////////
✸ Music Simplified / Live / Estonia

✸ SpheRa π / Live / Latvia

✸ Soma Veda / Live / Latvia

✸ Oleg Peres / Latvia

✸ Stotyka / Ukraine / Latvia

✸ Rukitis / Latvia

✸ Schism / Latvia

✸ Igorz / Latvia

Visuals //////////////////////////////////////////
✸ Wickiss / Latvia
✸ Dauga Spirit / Latvia

Deco ////////////////////////////////////////////
✸ Final Chakra OÜ / Estonia

✸ Dauga Spirit / Latvia

Tea /////////////////////////////////////////////
✸ MagicForest Tea Temple / Latvia

✸ Theia / Latvia

Sweets ///////////////////////////////////////
✸ DZIVA Istaba Kitchen

Photo //////////////////////////////////////////
✸ Sandra Jascherica

Start page

Video /////////////////////////////////////////
✸ Oleg Peres

Entrance ///////////////////////////////////
5EUR: share the event,
5EUR, with flyer,
5EUR, with RASOLS stamp

About us ///////////////////////////////////
Once in a while in Latvia, ​there were some people who were deeply inspired by the unique psychedelic event experience. We didn’t know each other well. And the only things that we had in common was the love to the things what we do and the passion to share it with the world. We are the event’s organizers, culture activist, dj’s, deco artists, vj’s, tea masters, jugglers and other creative people and we are decided to unite our efforts, minds, and souls in a community that we called Dauga Spirit. it’s called by the name of Daugava — the sacred Latvian river that united the tribes of Balts in the place that called Latvia now. Dauga Spirit is the sacred foundation of any people’s union. We believe that this deeper union is the true good in the fragmented egoistic world.

ॐ ᚣᛋᚦ ᛠᚱᚣᛋᛈᛊ
ॐ ᚣᛋᚦ ᛠᚱᚣᛋᛈᛊ
ॐ ᚣᛋᚦ ᛠᚱᚣᛋᛈᛊ

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