December 4, 2016
On one snowy November night we got immersed into the chill downtempo world of On…

On one snowy November night we got immersed into the chill downtempo world of Only Wolf music. Talking with him was like floating in a river, all the way through the woods and mountains to the very heart of music creation. Discover his world with #kkchumans

I vividly remember the day I started making music. The day before was pretty significant for me. I was up in the mountains, doing some work — suddenly, I saw a pair of red eyes looking at me from the woods. I tried breaking a tree branch to use as a weapon, but instead I managed to break my nose. I stood there, my white t-shirt covered with blood as a pack of wolfs came out of the forest, trying to surround me. I started crying, yelling at the wolfs that they can’t eat me. At that moment I was sorry for being such a piece of shit, for not doing the right thing with my life. I ran away, trying to save myself at any cost as I jumped off a cliff. I survived, but my leg hurt badly. I ran trough the trees and mountains, as fast as I could. Wolfs were still chasing me. I was an easy prey, like a rabbit or a deer on Discovery channel. While running, I was thinking about my mother and the pathetic life I’ve been living. I decided. If I get away I will do what I really want to do in my life. I managed to get on the road and a random driver drove me to the hospital.

In the next few days I started making music around the hypnotic loops. Music was the only way to get over the tension I felt. The title of my first song was “Mr. Wolf”. Now I think that those wolfs were quite friendly, they actually let me go. It was one of the most stressful moments of my life, very significant and scary — that’s why my music is so fucking chill. When people ask me what is my life goal or motivation is, I always have one answer “Trying not to be eaten”.

Now I’m based in Spain, where I moved in March and set up my studio in two weeks. I had this moment of inspiration, wrote all the music and recorded it in one day. Each song was done in one-take. I always work like that: if it doesn’t happen, i’m not recording it. I believe in first-takes because there is something very sincere about it. I like my mistakes and am not ashamed of them. For example, the second song is a total improvisation, I didn’t have any lyrics. I can’t tell how much I love this song, because it’s a real purity of that one moment. That makes my music very “human”.

I do everything backwards: I first record the music and then learn it, practicing for the performance. I’ve already rehearsed 10 000 times, and I only have my own music on my iPod right now. It sounds a bit insane, like “I’m so into me”, but the truth is — I’m very passionate about it, I love what I’m doing. It’s important to be passionate, to stand for what you do, no matter what it is. If you don’t, then why are you doing it?


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