December 13, 2016
On one rainy afternoon we got the opportunity to meet Ilze Vanaga – a mother, an…

On one rainy afternoon we got the opportunity to meet Ilze Vanaga – a mother, an observer and (sometimes) a photographer. She shared her thoughts about art and inner feelings for #kkchumans,

Maybe it’s a harsh thing to say, but inspiration in Riga is on a very low level for me. I can trick myself for a while, but I always go back to the moment of asking myself “What the heck?” and realizing I am bored, There are not many places in Riga which inspires me. Another thing — people here seem quite square. Gallery space is over packed with so called art pieces which don’t have much content — they are mostly random forms. You don’t feel the soul or any kind of emotion. Although, I enjoy Homo Novus festival. I feel what they are doing and bringing is really important and exciting. I can’t remember when was the last time I had similar feelings about any exhibition. When I’m in town I feel bored. I need entertainment because people here feel like robots and you can easily feel like one of them. At the same time I’m perfectly fine just being on the countryside, in the forest or by the river. It can get me really high. Being surrounded by nature is basically everything you need, no devices or wifi.

I used to take a lot of photos and I still do. Am I a photographer? I don’t know. I feel more like a mother now. Everything totally changed ever since I had my daughter. It’s quite overwhelming. I see and feel differently. But it could just be the beginning, there is so much more to discover. It’s like having an inner trip with numerous things happening during this journey. The first time I had an artist residency (while being a mother) was last May in Estonia, working on a project called Omega 3. It was a brave experiment which gave me strength to rely on other sources besides my own. I never experienced the whole process being so strong — not being able to do anything because you have a child in your arms, but at the same time all forms and sentences fall into place, and you just let it go and feel it as it is. It is one of the most beautiful creation processes I had so far.

If you ask what I’m occupied with at the moment I would say with life. That’s what I’m doing right now.

*In the photo you can see one of Ilzes works.


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