July 28, 2017
Never embarrassed romantic bartender with purple-pink hair and glitter – Anna Ma…

Never embarrassed romantic bartender with purple-pink hair and glitter – Anna Malicka – in our next edition of #kkchumans.

I was coming to KKc before I started working here and I always had this sort of intimidating feeling. Like, respect to you guys because you are The KKc Bartenders. This place definitely has magic and special vibe, I guess most of the people feel the same.

As for my artistic life, zines, cartoons, comics, posters, VJ-ing – something I would like to study and do more now. I think I’m developing my own style but I should work on it more because usually procrastination wins over me. I like pop-culture, everything that counts girly and trashy, to combine it. My references are from such cartoons as “Adventure Time” or “Powerpuff Girls”, musical bands “Beach house” and “Cocteau Twins”. And, yes, I watch tons of YouTube videos. I do like memes so you can find a lot of Internet world references in my art works.

In my perfect life scenario I would like to create content for videos with the entertainment purpose. One day I should start my own YouTube channel. Mostly, people like my appearance and the way I talk so maybe it can work out. Also, I can be in a music band – dream pop, synth-pop and hip hop in between.
Often a lot of little thoughts are flowing in my head so it’s important to save them and connect together. Usually I put my impressions, funny names and any other funny stuff that I came across in the notebook like a little sketch, scribbles or short sentences. For example, “irregular pillow”, “soft pig mattress fortress” etc. I collect them to use later in my visual works. There is a feeling that I can be a better version of myself, just need to conquer my laziness and lead this bunch of ideas into realization.

Something I’ve learnt recently is not to over analyze, build theories or overreact, but just to do it and not to be dramatic at the same time.

I really like talking to people about all kind of small and big things, verbalizing random thoughts in my head in a dreamy matter. For instance, have you ever thought of the spoon shape? When you eat a soup with a spoon and its edges almost cut corners of your lips. Actually, it’s a quite weird feeling.
Most of the things they teach us in school I don’t remember because there are no opportunities to use this knowledge. The subject “communication with people” would be thousand times more useful in the real life. So the first thing I would do in a case of being the ruler of the world – educational reform.

If I can be anything in the world I would be a “Beach house” band song “Heart of chambers”.


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