April 30, 2017
Meeting Inga Gaile can end up in hysterical laughing, but behind all these jokes…

Meeting Inga Gaile can end up in hysterical laughing, but behind all these jokes stands a talented writer and a social activist. Meet her in #kkchumans as she talks about women stand-up and feminism.

I’m doing women standup shows in KKc and on these nights I’m getting free drinks at the bar. That’s how I know this place – free drinks. I mean, I don’t drink a lot – I’m a mother of two kids and usually don’t buy alcohol myself. But hey, if the place offers you a free drink it’s simply impolite to refuse. I see our standup show as an important place where women can speak openly about any topics that bother them. PMS, everyday sexism, discrimination, kids and other stuff that can be too heavy to bear alone — here you can talk about it in a funny way.
Recently we put up a video of our performance and got a lot of negative responses. I was ready to this as I’ve already once published a book of “controversial” poetry, but other girls were pretty disappointed. For many of them it was the first time experiencing internet criticism. Despite these comments, our events are always packed because there is a huge demand for shows of this kind. Society needs to talk about these “taboo” topics which are sometimes not very pleasant to hear so I can understand if our audience is not completely sure if they are allowed to laugh or not. We can easily reveal our age from the stage and it’s a huge confusion for the Latvian audience (oh my God, she said she’s 45 out loud!). Our society is slowly learning and becoming more accepting, even though a big amount of women in Latvia are extremely patriarchal and consider feminists as “fat hairy aggressive women” who men don’t like. I’m a feminist and I have no shame or fear to claim it. In Latvia people feel rather unsure or scared about it — they can’t express their opinions directly so very often you can hear sentences such as “I am kind of a feminist”.
If I had a second life I would become a nurse. I’m finding myself in these intense cultural and social events all the time, but actually I’m a very peaceful person. I would like to have money simply for food and books, and to obtain it from helping other people. If I could be any object I would be an apple.


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