June 17, 2017
Linda is one of many bartenders in KKc.  #kkchumans are here to tell you more ab…

Linda is one of many bartenders in KKc. #kkchumans are here to tell you more about this magical girl with a very special energy, who likes teen TV shows and knows how to make love potions (fyi, don’t expect to find a recipe in the text).

I’ve been working in KKc for about 4 years now. Comparing to the first year, the biggest change for me is being able to communicate with my colleagues and other people around. In the beginning, somehow I felt a lot of people here didn’t like me. Now they all left. So maybe I’m a witch?

In my small town I’ve always been the “alternative” one, standing out in the crowd. I hated it, I didn’t want to be different or feel as if I am better than others. I had no one to connect to, because they thought totally differently. Now I don’t have this feeling of being “a stranger” in a society anymore. I’ve met my friends and my husband here, I’m thankful to KKc for that. I’ve always had a sense of a “right path” for me and where I needed to be. I think it’s connected to the fact that since my childhood I’ve been doing sports professionally (middle distance runner). It was very serious, my whole life was built on achieving particular goals, waking up and training no matter if it is raining or snowing outside. So when I stopped I felt that I lost my path and I didn’t know who I was anymore. I’m still looking for it to return or for something to replace it — a feeling that I have some sort of a mission that is much greater than me. I tried other things but nothing has ever brought me the same emotions or made sense for me as much as sport. I have a talent for drawing but I’m rarely doing it for myself anymore unless somebody asks me. After a seven year break, I’m thinking to start running again and get into shape. It’s still my biggest struggle. Any distance running requires huge amounts of suffering in practice and in competition. When you play a game you can somehow forget about it, but running is a constant suffering even though you’re enjoying the process. Now, when I have my husbands support, it could actually work out as emotional support is crucial.

I’m running to be the first, to win. Probably it sounds a bit strange and dumb, but being first is one of the most enjoyable moments in sports. I once heard that ancient Greeks believed that the winner of the Olympics receives a ray of light from the Gods when he crosses the finish line. It really feels like that. When you are there at the finish line and you are the first one — it’s like being blessed, everything is there for you. Not in the meaning that everyone else is worse, but more like you are the lucky one. Nothing can replace this feeling.

If I could be any object in the world I would be a tree in a jungle. I just really really like trees. I think trees are the best people in the world. P. S. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone I have ever been rude in the bar. There are lots of people who visit KKc and I guess I can be rude sometimes.


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