June 2, 2017
Last week we discovered that one of the loveliest people in KKc is our accountan…

Last week we discovered that one of the loveliest people in KKc is our accountant Kārlis. The world should know about him, so presenting him is the least we can do. #kkchumans on trains and crunchy bread.

Even back when was four I knew that cooking is something that I really enjoy and want to do in a future. I finished cooking studies and was looking for a job. Somehow, I got an offer to be a cook in what was soon-to-become-KKc. I took my best suit, my car, all prepared to meet the owner. When I saw the building I was supposed to work in, I was very confused. Basically, there was nothing inside. Okay, there were a couple of bricks. Davis said they are opening in a month. Eventually, they opened the kitchen later then it was originally planned, so I ended up being an accountant and still can’t stop. KKc is something that you never get out of your DNA. It’s like a common disease, you know. No medicine is applicable. I enjoy being in the papers, it’s my kingdom. And during the weekends I’m cooking some delicious desserts for my soul.

I have a crazy passion which some people don’t understand. For them it’s just “a grown up man playing with toys”. So here it is – I like trains. I’m trapped in it since my childhood, ever since I got my first train on batteries. Nowadays I’m building whole small cities with trains, cars, buildings and inhabitants. My friend and I once did a miniature of the old castle park in Cesis. We had to go to the park and make hundreds of photos of same places (I hate them now). It took us 4 months of very fast work to finish everything. It’s a lot of calculating and creative thinking — what materials can we use, where to get them, technical details etc. I’m interested in all aspects of modelling and figuring out how to make things move around or blink with lights. For me – it’s a pure art.

If I could be any object in the world I would be a crunchy, fresh, French baguette. I would be very proud to be a good bread under the great chefs knife.


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