June 22, 2017
#kkchumans keeps exploring various KKc inhabitants and this time we are introdu…

#kkchumans keeps exploring various KKc inhabitants and this time we are introducing Satya Haas — a German man who knows how to make old things great again.

I found a Latvian girl in Berlin, fell in love and here I am — living in Latvia for almost 6 years now. I like fixing things. I can’t fix your relationship or your life, but I can definitely fix a lot of stuff at your house; your motorbike, car or even restore a sculpture (that’s my professional area). That’s how I got into KKc half a year ago. I’m fixing everything around and I feel I’m in the right place (especially when it’s summer in Latvia). Housekeeping was always my favourite job — it’s inspiring, creative, I always get a feedback. I was growing as the only man in the house so at the age of 10 I was already into repairing things. If something breaks I can improve it, see what can work better. The process of doing so is very meditative, you forget about time and space and focus on what your hands are making. It’s constant learning and something real — not just collecting likes on Facebook. When I see a person sitting on a bench and not falling off then your job feels very real. My philosophy is to always reuse things and improve them, make something new out of old. I often have instant ideas when I dig into the old, forgotten stuff. I dream to have an ability to fix anything, so one day I can organize a workshop where people bring their broken stuff and I make something out of it.

Another passion of mine is music — I’m playing guitar and singing. My mom was listening to Bob Dylan all my childhood so it certainly influenced me. Now it’s finally growing into something. Music was always the kind of dream that you’re constantly thinking about but there is a lack of time or some kind of fear to make it real. I guess I was afraid to open up my soul for people or to be judged. And now it’s a very right time to do this.

People can be shit to you, and it’s a good reason to think deeply about yourself — what these people are showing to you. I believe that we attract things that are happening to us. Sometimes they are bad because we didn’t listen to our intuition or didn’t notice the signs.

If I could be any object in the world I would be a stone. It lasts, it is a part of nature and you can do a lot of things out of the stone. History passes and you are still there.


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