September 20, 2017
#kkchumans finally caught Liene Jurgelane for the conversation. Liene is a crea…

#kkchumans finally caught Liene Jurgelane for the conversation. Liene is a creative person – that’s pretty much the most complete description of her. To find out more read below:

Don’t really know how it happened, but I have been involved in many different projects and initiatives during these past years. When people ask me who am I or what I’m doing in life it’s always very hard to answer, since I am not identifying myself with one particular thing I do. But anyway all these things are related to each other in the context of exploring how we (humans) live and think in different ways.

For example, I worked as a teacher of English language and cultural studies in school. It think it was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. I had so much of enthusiasm that things should be different, the process of learning should be engaging and so on. But the expectation of me and my students did not always match, and change always requires a lot of effort from both sides. Often after school, I was crying at home saying that I’m not going back. Nevertheless, I really appreciate this experience which taught me to handle difficult situations and not giving up after failures. Mostly you don’t see the outcome of your work at all because in the sea of all other school subjects and teachers you are just a little drop, but now from time to time I accidentally meet my former students and actually they still remember some of the things we did and learned, so it must have had a certain impact on them. And this is the other thing I learned back then – to accept that result of your work might not be visible instantly.

For some time now I’ve also been exploring the topics of sexism and feminism. For me, feminism is not about just two genders or women struggle, but about human struggle for the equality for everyone. Primarily it’s about fighting sexism which affects everyone. Also you can’t look at sexism as a separate notion as it interrelates with racism, capitalism and other power structures. It’s a tricky topic because nowadays it is almost becoming a hip trend to be a feminist, to have T-shirts with loud slogans. You can’t really understand whether it’s just a white women’s’ liberation movement nowadays or something else; who stands behind this and what for. For me positioning myself as a feminist is also being aware that this does not mean that I share the same experience with all women – women from different economic circumstances, women of colour etc. So, it’s about compassion and struggles for all.

I like corky stuff so I have some “life-projects” – so-called artistic interventions which make my life more fun. For example, once sitting in a bar in Berlin I noticed that our little table has a drawer and I got this gut feeling that when I open it something is going to be there for sure. But there was nothing – such a disappointment! So I decided to make it happen for someone else, and I left a letter there. Two months later I was there again and a magic drawer contained another letter (probably reply to not even to mine but to previous one). Since then sometimes I hide some treasures around bars.
I really like listening to music while lying on the carpet. Music is constantly present in our life in the background, most often we don’t even notice it. So it’s nice to just concentrate on the listening, think about lyrics and sounds. Sometimes you realize that music you liked is actually not that cool and vice versa learning to like something you didn’t understand before.

If I could be any object in the world I would like to be a notebook with blank pages. It’s almost a first date when you open a new notebook and don’t know yet what’s going to come on it. From a perspective of a notebook you can’t really influence the content – only accept. If you are a good notebook though you can give people the necessary flow and inspiration to explore themselves and different ideas.


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