January 15, 2017
#kkchumans are back after the holidays and our first story that we want to shar…

#kkchumans are back after the holidays and our first story that we want to share with you is a story of Vadims Pitlans, also known as a DJ Trashy Kid. Party child about his work, dreams and memories.

So probably you are interested why Trashy Kid? First of all, it was inspired by French electro scene (for example, Justice duo). This all scene looked kind of trashy. And also I’m very childish and careless. So my DJ name is a combination of my music taste and my own personality.
It all started 5-6 years ago in the place, which is now operating like a theater – Dirty Deal. It was very grungy and underground kind of space. Another cool place – Space Garage. These two main spots inspired me to start doing something that I was dreaming to. I’m lucky because I met people who were into the same music that I was, so I was naturally pushed to play. I learned how to do it mostly by myself or observing how other DJs worked. First, the music comes and then you are trying to play until you succeed. It’s all about the experience and your inner feelings, DJ schools suck in this way. Now I’m trying to play vinyl and it’s a lot harder work, you need to be careful and it’s not that easy to play wasted ..but I like this feeling of developing new skills.
I still remember my first DJ set. It was in Tukums and it was awful. I played for 30 minutes and then the other DJ just asked me to stop. But my next gig was in Riga, I did my best, I was super prepared so in the end, it went really good.
Sometimes I write music together with my partner. But both of us are so busy all the time, that there is no energy left for the music itself. I need to focus and relax, keep my thoughts together. Also, I feel lack of confidence or some kind of courage to start. Hope to do it next year, because “next year” always sounds good and because I really want to.
Starting last September I’m managing One One club, which is quite a challenge for me. It was my dream and now I’m enjoying, even though it’s a lot of work and a lot of stress. And I can’t really imagine myself doing another work. Sometimes we dream about something so hard but when we get it we don’t how to cope with it. I used to wish a lot of things, some of them material, some are not, and know when I finally got it I need to handle it and maybe work even more than before.
There is so much special for me about KKc, I live close by, so often visit the place to drink coffee or check out the party, sometimes I play sets here also. What I like the most is these early mornings after parties, when only a few people left and you just chilling after a great night, witnessing weird stuff going on around, welcoming cleaning ladies. But actually all my memories and visions are always mixed and blurred, too many parties I guess.


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