February 13, 2017
KKc team is quite international, we learn a lot from each other and try to under…

KKc team is quite international, we learn a lot from each other and try to understand all the weird differences of our cultures. In today’s edition of #kkchumans we present Sateesh Angati from India — bartender at night and a mechanical engineer during the day.

I came to Latvia to get a Masters degree at Riga Technical University. I knew nothing about it before and yet I had quite big expectations. There were some disappointments but I’m still happy to be here. In Latvia I have discovered that I really enjoy skateboarding. Now I have both a skateboard and a longboard, so I can’t wait for the summer! I miss the warmth of Indian summer and drinking Indian Masala tea.

I started working in KKc in 2015. I was looking for the address before my job interview and when I saw this old building I couldn’t believe it was the right one. It was very “trashy” on the inside and I couldn’t understand what was this place. I decided to work here for a month or two, and after I planned to quit. But I got so attached to people and the place itself that even now, when I have job in my profession, I still can’t leave KKc — I feel a need to work here for at least one day in a week. I don’t even visit our events that often, because I’m a loyal fan of Indian classical music, so for me it is all about people and spirit. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke. It’s not because of my religion or any cultural beliefs, just a decision I made. People in Latvia drink a lot but it doesn’t bother me, it just feels a bit weird after India. I like dancing, so I’m always that one sober dancer between drunk people.

There are two things I’m good at. I can do really funny impressions of Indian politicians and celebrities. I can even change my voice, but unfortunately, nobody here will understand it. The other thing is machine design. I work with a CNC machine program and I need to use Latvian language a lot, so it’s quite challenging. I started learning the language myself almost two years ago. I bought a book “Latvian in 3 months”, put some efforts in and now I’m already at B2 level. I started learning Russian recently as well.
I work hard to achieve my goals. My dream is doing business in my Indian village, develop it, build better roads and make life for people who live there better.

What i like about Europe is that there are no problems with relationships. In India I had a girl that I loved since school, but we couldn’t be together — we come form different casts, so her father forbids us to communicate. I still believe we can be together in the future and if she calls me to come to India, I would go without any doubts! If i could be any object I would be the bed of my girl — wherever she goes, she will always come back and rest with me.


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