August 11, 2017
KKc has its own regular visitors, and with our next  #kkchumans story we inspire…

KKc has its own regular visitors, and with our next #kkchumans story we inspire you to talk to strangers that you see here often – we promise you won’t regret it!

I was living in Hamburg for some time and noticed that there are more places which are run by a community, interesting alternative spots to hang out. So after coming back to Riga I was looking for a place with people that I know, with new people that I can relate to. Since I found KKc it became my “third” place and retreatment after serious formal conversations at work. After working and studying abroad KKc gives me a hope and a potential to put my roots down here in Latvia.

I’m a regular in KKc, and let me share with you a list of items I lost here: one skateboard, three smart phones, one wallet, and two bags.

As an architect and urban designer I work with communities a lot. While working in my native country I noticed this common feeling of double responsibility and that in my opinion is killing the creativity. For example, people tend to overthink all possible outcomes just because it’s a place where you’re from. It’s important that people will remember you for the good work that has been done. In society everything happens slower than in business – you invest mostly your time and should be aware of it. I work less for money but more for my reputation and my soul.

I love cities. I think cities are very valuable for humans; it’s one of the best things that has happened to us. Quality of life increased dramatically because of urbanization. There are a lot of struggle and challenges in the city but it’s interesting to research it. I’m not talking about the city as the political structure but as the place of our freedom, place which gives us so many ways to deal with responsibilities, it is a huge variety of choices.

For example, Hamburg has a lot of places of freedom, quite big squatter community, some interesting movements. You can see what freedom and self-determination can give to a city, how important it is. Joseph Boys wanted to heal the German nation and I think that our post socialist world should eventually heal itself with freedom and self-determination of its inhabitants.

If I had an opportunity to build whatever I want it would be a huge object – a monument which you can skate on. What I miss in Riga – old Europe style monumentalism which can be now reused for different purposes like sitting, lying or skating.

If I could be any object in the world I would be a nice package that people like and reuse because of the aesthetic reasons. For example, a plastic bag with a beautiful picture of Switzerland or top of a pizza box with Italian caricature.


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