April 4, 2017
Jānis Lipšāns is a sophisticated master of words, a lyrical mastermind rapping u…

Jānis Lipšāns is a sophisticated master of words, a lyrical mastermind rapping under the name Pikaso, while creating interesting articles here and there. Keep up to date with #kkchumans as we bring you interesting people and their stories!

Music has been an important part of my life and family since my childhood. My grandfather was a composer and my father a choir conductor. He introduced me to different kind of rock and pop bands, so I always had a motivation and inspiration for music. In school I was digging more into the trendy world of hip-hop, which was a protest of sorts, an opposing attitude. During my youth I spent 6 months in London, sleeping in weird places, feeling like its Christmas any time I would eat McDonald’s on a Saturday morning and spending most of my money on music cd’s.

Eventually I came to the point where I could create and perform. My stage name is Pikaso. MC Janis didn’t sound very good to me, and second of all, Picasso was original and authentic — and I would like to relate myself to these characteristics. The name gave me enough confidence to step out on the stage. I remember my first performance, I was very nervous. I always had this nightmare that I would forget the lyrics on stage, when it’s all in you but you just can’t get it out. Imagine a rapper who forgets the lyrics — that’s a joke. Maybe that is why I’m not able to be a freestyler. Being that kind of guy who is very concerned about what he is saying, the way it has been said and how it’s delivered, I enjoy the process of putting down the lyrics and polishing my craft before coming out. Music for me is more like a hobby. I feel it’s not getting me where I see myself. Yes, I got some awards and recognition, so what? You must deliver constantly, because you are as good as your last hit, right? You should be able to have fun with what you’re doing while maintaining the sense of reality so your words and music can make impact on people. I believe our life is a journey and one day we all reach zero. So take it easy, do what you like and want to do, take chances. Try to be out of the circle and do some breakdancing after all.

I have one beautiful memory of KKc. I think it was Monday, the day after Kometa Festival. You arrive to KKc, and after 3 days of the crazy festival marathon the DJ’s are still playing on the summer terrace. Everybody is pumped up with energy and Kometa vibe. It felt truly unbelievable. If you haven’t heard about Kometa, imagining a full terrace on a Monday morning seems like a weird thing. It’s a growing seed of a community that was planted during the festival. Hopefully, it gives a positive push for the future.

If I could be any object in the world I would be a hammer — I like to nail it every time!


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