November 2, 2016
In today’s edition of  #kkchumans is Kaspar Kondrat – a well known DJ and a mult…

In today’s edition of #kkchumans is Kaspar Kondrat – a well known DJ and a multifunctional part of KKc team.

“Seems like I’ve been spending most of my life on a Skolas street: I grew up on Skolas street in Jurmala, then I started to work in a club in the beginning of Skolas street in Riga and now I’m here again – on Skolas iela 15. And you know, I have a feeling that I’ve been doing a lot of things during my life: exploring, searching for different kind of ventures but only last year I finally came to the right place. I served Sicilian pasta on the summer terrace, I do music, I do events, I solve problems, I do everything that i really enjoy doing.

There are no “regular” people who visit KKc. They are very different, their opinions are different, their nationalities are different but they are all special “KKc humans”. You can always hear endless chatting and discussions here even between those who were strangers several minutes ago. Even some of my really conservative friends when come to KKc always open up, becoming more discussable about their points of view.

Since I’ve started work in KKc and even a long time before, I attended a lot of parties here, but never performed. I think I was a bit nervous about it. So because of the push of others I finally did my first DJ night in KKc. And it was really very emotional for me. I was so happy! I felt that it was the first place, where I could play anything without sticking to any genres, to rediscover myself. You can work in a place for a long time, already love all the colleagues, love all the people who come here often and really enjoy it. But then at some moment you just do this thing which is your favorite thing to do and it somehow connects everything: place, people and yourself. It’s a great moment.”


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