November 17, 2016
In this weeks edition of  #kkchumans our last weeks guests.

Last Friday we host…

In this weeks edition of #kkchumans our last weeks guests.

Last Friday we hosted a concert of Sturle Dagsland — a beautiful duo of weirdoes from Norway, who were kind enough to share short stories and thoughts from the very heart of their wonderland.

We perform in different kinds of events, from top festivals to very underground small venues. We really like the variety, that’s how you reach the broadest public. On the stage I am always a better version of myself. Off the stage you can get everything, but on the stage — only the best.

Two years ago a woman from Iran living in Finland brought her mother to the concert. It has become hard for her family to communicate with her normally, as she has developed some kind of a mental illness. Somehow, after not being clear for so many years, she remembered her childhood, and she approached us, talked to us, shared her stories. She wanted me to marry her daughter. I didn’t do it!

But not all experiences are super positive — sometimes people yell at us, spit, call us faggots. But I would rather that guy spits in my face than in faces of any other people. It’s a good story to tell.

If I had to be an object then I would be a magical object that transforms into everything. It’s me and everything at the same time (Sturle).

I like bananas, so I guess I would be a banana (Sjur).
Foto: Lučana Logina


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