November 26, 2016
If you’ve ever visited our weekly movie screenings, then you are familiar with A…

If you’ve ever visited our weekly movie screenings, then you are familiar with Alberto di Gennaro – the king of cinema introductions, actor, culture activist and much more. Grasp Alberto’s wisdom with #kkchumans
About the culture identity:
I come from Trento, although I don’t consider myself Italian. I don’t stick to any nationality. It’s kind of old fashion to distinguish people by countries they were born in. I’m not European either. I don’t like to think about any categories of belonging.
I’ve been studying and living in Italy, France, Germany. But I kept returning to Latvia, mainly because of the people. Thanks to Davis I met a lot of creative young people here going to sauna and swimming in the lake in the middle of the forest.
My first impression of Latvia: it’s February, it’s freaking cold, and I couldn’t even put my head up. Also, I had a feeling that it’s a quite an exotic country for me. And somehow it’s still very exotic to be here.
About the community:
Now I live in Cēsis, it’s a small town and I like it. My girlfriend and I are taking care of Mākslas telpa Mala there. Community is slowly forming in the town, and I feel that I’m part of it. We started to organize dinners with friends every Thursday at Mala to encourage people spending more time together, to raise the real community.
Through the years I came to the point where I am now – it’s more social based work. I like to work with people and I see point only in long term projects, not the temporary ones. I believe if you want to answer the question of the worth of art it should be one of the criteria – what remains after is lasting. Long term things can make a much more huge impact.
Several times I had no place to go so I slept in KKc. I couldn’t switch house alarm on, so I slept downstairs ready to act if something happens. I just put the mattress in the middle of the room, it was pretty cozy. The cleaning lady was quite surprised in the morning, though I’m sure I’m not the only one who did it in KKc. So I really have a right to claim that KKc is my second home.


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