July 22, 2017
Festivals Kometa gathered a variety of talented and creative personalities from …

Festivals Kometa gathered a variety of talented and creative personalities from all around the world in Riga. Ramin and Georjie took care of the Dreams Cinema and brought some Fiji magic with their “secret” photo exhibition at Kometa. #kkchumans caught them for a long conversation about nomad lifestyle and the art of filmmaking.

On wanderlust

R: At first I was looking for something, not sure exactly what. I wasn’t satisfied with my life so I went to New Zealand and started from zero — not knowing the country or any people there. I travelled around by hitch-hiking, slept in the nature, lived in small communities. Finally I found what I’ve been searching for. It’s a very good feeling. Constant movement, meeting new places and people, widening horizons. Living like this is tempting and it gets you out of your comfort zone, and you should be ready to push yourself, to learn, grow and each time go a step further. I’m challenging myself to go to places I’ve never been before, where I don’t feel comfortable and see how I can handle it.

This new “gypsy” way of living is becoming more and more popular among young people, and it’s great! But understand that this freedom comes with a high price — you don’t have a regular circle of friends you can relate to, or have your own space. The last one is something that I miss sometimes, just closing the door and staying alone.

G: When I was 18 years old I moved to London, wanting my activity and education to be connected to art. The art community there is very bright; people are doing incredible things and it often ends up being a horrendous place for a start as artists are quarrelling and scrabbling to get to the top. I knew that I won’t develop or progress in this environment. I had to find my style, my “thing” so one day I just bought the ticket to New Zealand. I was living the same way Ramin did and hiked a lot, being completely alone. There was a very important moment for me — my camera broke and I spent a long time without it, realising that I really love shooting and that it’s something I want to do more in the future.

I worked in small charity-based local communities doing awesome things together; it showed me the power of journalism and art within the NGO environment (which had been manipulated so far). There was a huge natural disaster on Fiji and I knew that it won’t be shown in the big media so I went there with my camera to see what I can do. I was working with different NGO’s, living with locals in the mountains and learning the language in order to be able to conduct a decent conversation. I continued working (Haiti, France, Peru) with natural disaster response, refugees etc. It still surprises me how much use we have from very small NGO’s and how much harm from the “big name” organisations.

Ramin and I are trying to set up a media platform of creative journalism and storytelling from unspoken cultures — livacollective.com. We want to link these small NGO’s which are doing a lot of important work around the world and tell their stories and show what’s really happening, what you won’t ever see on the TV or read in the newspaper.

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