February 24, 2017
Elizabete Atals – artist, performer, pedagogue, and our next  #kkchumans charact…

Elizabete Atals – artist, performer, pedagogue, and our next #kkchumans character.

I work with children in a museum and want to point out how crucial it is to bring your children from an early age to different museums, engage them with art. They are so perceptive and fragile, I see how they are becoming more open and talkative when interacting with art. I’m getting a huge satisfaction from our conversations in the museum. Also, I think there should be no censorship when we are talking about art with children – whatever is on display should be explained and discussed.
Art can’t save the world but it can save some particular human beings. Art is able to underline some important problems in the society, but it’s up to the people to solve them. Artist is a messenger, he can begin the revolution, but people can and should take it further. That’s why we often say that art unites and in some cases divides people.
My art at the moment is somewhere between performance and photography. I like doing performances at home and photography gives me an opportunity to capture the very moment, the essence of it, and share with other people. I don’t really support “Art for art’s sake”, I think if you’ve been given any kind of talent it is important to do something meaningful, not only for yourself but for other people too. I can’t control your perception of my art, but definitely it always has a background story, a state of mind, spirit which I would like to share.
I like visual identity topic or identity topic per se, I’m still in the process of Master research about it. I love to experiment with my own appearance. My appearance visually represents where I am at this moment and what I’m thinking about. Some people may say that I can’t find my inner state of being, so I need the constant change of the outer image. But hey, we, humans are changing all the time, but if you can state that you have found “yourself” then probably you are done, there is nothing to do here anymore. I can’t imagine my life without continuous development.


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