March 12, 2017
During the Carnival for the poor we caught a uniquely bright persona for  #kkchu…

During the Carnival for the poor we caught a uniquely bright persona for #kkchumans — the lord of glitter, the master of dirty-keyboard-anti-folk-synth-pop — Stephen Paul Taylor. We had a short, strange talk by the bar. People passed by us, and every now and then someone would stumble on his long shoes.

One of my songs is called “Drinking and Driving”, but I definitely think it’s not okay to drink and drive at the same time. I often write songs about dangerous things people do, pretending they are okay — although in reality I don’t agree with that. Maybe that is why strange things and stories happen around me. At one of my last performances a random guy came close to me, showing a “fuck you sign”. He was standing there for 10 minutes, looking really angry. All of a sudden he just started dancing like crazy, shouting that I’m doing “a great job”.

My childhood dream was to be a fire man. Now I have a new concept — a fire man/musician, so I could light up the fire on the stage during the performance and yell “hey, people, this house is on fire tonight!”.
Here is another story — When I was 16 I used to steal candies from the store every day for a really long time. The woman who ran the store liked me and trusted me. When she found out that my pockets are full of candies she was very disappointed. I would never do that again. I do like candies, but now I would rather have a couple of millions to buy a house with a backyard so I could have a nice lion in it. The lion’s name would be John or Leopold.

If I could be any object I would be a train. First of all, trains are cool, they go to all these interesting places but they also do the “chu-chu-chuuu!” sound. That’s it. Wait, here is my life philosophy for you: don’t forget to set boundaries in your friendships and romantic relations, because people tend to fuck you over in time.


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