July 1, 2017
Charlie V — a musician and our dear friend from Panama is sharing his simple pri…

Charlie V — a musician and our dear friend from Panama is sharing his simple principles, plans and dreams in the newest edition of #kkchumans

Panama is a beautiful place. I had a wonderful life there but at some point I understood that I did everything I could — I became a creative director in a big company, worked from 7 to 7 and wondered what is next? I felt like it was enough, I didn’t want to work that much anymore and I urged to live a more conscious life. I ran away to Argentina where I met a Latvian girl whom I followed through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia and Panama all the way to Riga. So here I am, living my happy life doing music and yoga.

When my things got stolen in Lima (capital of Peru), the only way to survive was playing music on the street. Back then I knew three accords and no songs at all so in two nights I wrote five compositions. Playing music is always a lot about confidence and positive energy you are spreading, even if you are doing mistakes in your performance. My goal is to become a famous musician; it’s not a dream — it is a plan. Being famous gives me the opportunity to offer my music to many people in different places around the planet. In Panama you won’t find places like KKc. There are mostly salsa dances and “tropical stuff” spaces, which are not things I’m interested in. Riga is a great place to start, to gain experience and to understand your next steps. Audience here is very critical but also very honest. They won’t give you an applause just because you are an artist, but only if you play really good.

Life is better when you are a peaceful person who spreads love — first for yourself and then for others. As a musician, I want it to be my message. The album I’m recording now is my inner journey which helped me understand that peace&love is the only way to live a happy, unstressed life. It is a very simple truth but not quite easy to understand; so my goal to be famous is not to earn money but to spread my message worldwide. When you have these two things (peace&love) you’re also raising two other important values — freedom and beauty. These four elements are my core life principles.

I dream of building an eco-village in mountains of Panama and inviting Latvians there. In the era of supermarkets people in Panama forgot how it to be self sustainable and how to farm more efficiently. In Latvia these things are developing much better. These villages are really important now when you can’t know what to expect tomorrow. If supermarkets close we would have a great crisis in the society. In eco-villages you have your own piece of land with plants, greens, vegetables, fruits, alternative energy etc. To be self-sustainable is something that everyone should know in the 21st century.

If I could be any object in the world I would be a very beautiful building on Alberta iela. I would allow little ants to come in, enjoy me and live their happy lives because I’m beautiful and I’m art nouveau.


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