August 7, 2019

Meet Krista, greet #kkchumans.
“By the way, I got my new job here, at KKc. Last summer, when I drove home from my previous job. It was already 2 am and then I just figured that maybe, before heading home, I should see what’s happening at KKc.

I didn’t know if I would meet some friends or acquaintances there, but it turned out that my “big sister” was here along with one of her friends and a colleague of that friend. Both of them were a bit drunk, and that colleague friend said to me: “Krista, what exactly is that you do?” I replied that I’m studying audiovisual. He looked at me and told me that one intern just left their working place and, basically, “we need you working with us”.

A week later, I had already sent my CV and then, in the autumn, they invited me for an interview. KKc truly is the place where you can meet so-o-o-o many different, random people. In all honesty, in any part of the day try asking some KKc visitors what professions are they in. Almost 100%, you’ll hear something never heard before. That’s just Kaņepe. “

KKC stāsti