January 31, 2018

Visvaldis used to run the legendary bar, cafe and restaurant Muklājs, serving food, drinks and music for both the pleasure and intellect of its visitors. A few days ago he turned 62. Now every Wednesday at 20.00 at Kanepes culture centre he is “opening the curtains and letting you peek into his world” by sharing stories about music dear to him and inviting to collectively listen to records.

– How did you first come to Kanepes?
– When Kanepes centre was celebrating its third anniversary Davis asked me to play some music. I was a little wary about this, since playing music to anonymous audience is actually pretty much hopeless. I am not good at making compromises or adjusting, so I decided – I know two people well – Liene and Dāvis, I will play music for them.

– What is Kanepes to you?
– I am quite picky, there are not many places to my liking. I don’t really like people, so I come here, when there is no one – usually on Sundays. This place reminds me of Pulkvedis. I was going there on summer Sundays during daytime, where there was no one else there. There I got Marquez. And this place…this place is a little bit of a “burp of Pulkvedis”. Here people get on my nerves the least. This is harsh, no?

– Well, no, we can go with it.
– If your life story was a movie, how would you call it?
I don’t really know…hmmm. There is no fast answer to this.

– You can think about it.
– Well, then… I will give you an answer in two days.

– Alright. That works. What are the main reasons for you to get out of bed and go somewhere?
– Hmmm….I can share my daily routine with you. I wake up without an alarm around eight, wash myself, have breakfast, have my coffee at your place – I don’t drink coffee at home, only tea. And even though I have a truly extensive collection of music, my home is mostly silent. I have a certain inner resentment against people who need noise and crowd. I perceive them to be weak. I read an hour or more every day. In silence. For me “background music” is unacceptable. Either I am in silence or I listen very attentively.

I did not have to wait for two days. After we had finished our conversation and already leaving, Visvaldis admitted that “The ones tired from life” would be the most appropriate title of his life, if it were a movie. Directed by Iosseliani.

#kkchumans Written by Sanita Rībena. Translated in English by Liene Jurgelane.

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