"I arrived at KKc very spontaneously - two years ago I applied to become a photographer at KKc. I came here, talked about what I wanted to do and have been here ever since. I like to photograph, to attend concerts, to ride my bicycle and to be in the woods."


"I am at KKc because it reminds me of time as a series of infinite and cyclical variations."


"Everybody should have dreadlocks. Less chemicals from shampoos would end up in nature, less broken hair ties would end up in sewers. People would need to see their hairstylist less often and thus everybody would be happier and greener.. much greener."


"Our angels are always with dreams, and often they use someone's lips to tell us something..."

Paulo Coelho


"When I moved to Riga I accidentally stumbled upon this place and couldn't stay away from it, maybe it helps that I live about 100m from KKc or that sometimes I take pictures of the events at KKc, but there's something that keeps you there."


"Before I left France to come here, everybody was asking me "but why did you choose Riga? " I did not choose Riga, I chose KKc.


I hate bananas, worms and dishonest and unfair people - But KKC was love from the first sight! I was brought together with KKC by a friend a few years ago and kept on coming back - then as a visitor and now as a part of the creators of the cultural program of KKC.


"When I took my first steps in Maza Kanepe, I already knew it would become my second home. In the course of time, this certainty has become even stronger. I like cinema, food, comics, traveling, laughter, meditation and long conversations with KKc bartenders."


"KKc keeps growing closer to one's heart and to one's home. It makes up an "extended family", and it is the second home to everyone. There are no other places like this."


"It's simply a joy - being in a multicultural environment and working hand in hand with creative people.
And most of all, here I always feel at home.
Cheers! "


"I'm at KKc because it is a real place with real people. And there are not a lot of places like that these days."


"I came to KKc in 2016 and still can't leave. Sometimes I do some projects, cutting carrots or just meaningfully hang around.
I like to talk to the strangers, to be in places I've never been before and to drink good wine. I like dancing and noticing beautiful things around. I like art and being alone in a museum."


"I was uncomfortable to crack a smile when meeting new people. Huge thanks to KKc team and our guests, because now I smile way too much!"


"After a few decades KKc will be recalled as a place where many great people, significant to the Latvian culture scene, have raised their glasses. It is the bohème which will be envied by our great grandchildren. A place of the epoch. A family to belong to."


"I am at KKc to help fill our house with cultural events, to enjoy them afterwards and sometimes to feel more like home than anywhere else."


"KKc is my drawing board."


“Tas ir ļoti svarīgi – laiku pa laikam kļūt mazam, lai augtu liels....” I. Ziedonis


"KKc's magic lies in its diversity. Diverse people, events, friends, colleagues, miracles, cinema, evenings on the terrace, culture, diverse lion. This house definitely not only defines the best of the era we now live in but also forms the future."


“I am doing the repair-everything job in KKc. I love this place, the vibe, the people, the music and my work. I can always create and be myself. If anyone has suggestions for improvement, please let me know!"


“POCA forever”


“I came, I saw, I stayed ... until they offered me a job here. Now I work here and enjoy this place!


"It is pleasant to be among like-minded people and work in a creative environment."


"KKc is a place that brings me inspiration. The team, artists and visitors bring incredible emotions and experience. It is a place, where every day is full of new adventures. It is a place where everyone can feel like home and this is exactly how I feel. A free and light atmosphere, where you can get a delicious lemonade and feel the smell of incense."


"I am at KKc to delight the visitors with drinks. I like to rejoice. Cheers!"


"Head, Heart and Hands"


"KKc was founded by me, my brother and my wife. I am certain that one can always hit the spot if he aims precisely. I like my wife, children, relatives, friends, cars, sports, Porzingis, numbers, business and politics."


"I am here because there's a lot to do in the bar. Family and friends awaken me, music, drums and my cat keep me from falling asleep."

Krista (Christ)

"I asked my family - what should I put as a quote for this webpage. They answered: #lolnauvērc*"

literally translates to #lolnotworthit and is kinda funny in Latvian. Kind of.


"Enerģija. Visam tā ir. Man patīk KKc enerģija. Katrs cilvēks ir kā skolotājs, tikai jāgrib un jāprot ieklausīties. KKc noteikti ir vieta, kas palīdz cilvēkos nest vēsti par to, cik mēs katrs esam unikāls un skaists.

Man patīk tā augstā frekvence, ko iegūst, darot ko patīkamu vai vienkārši iekšēju vai ārēju apstākļu ietekmē.

Ejiet biežāk dabā."


"One day I rolled in KKc and since then I haven't really rolled out."


"I am the audio engineer of KKc. I like benevolent fortune."


“Several times I had no place to go, so I slept in KKc. I couldn’t switch the house alarm on, so I slept downstairs, ready to act if something happens. I just put the mattress in the middle of the room, it was pretty cozy.”


"I married into Kaņepes family and along with my husband and his brother did everything I could to create this place. It turned out damn good! Happiness is real when there are like-minded people around. I like creating, traveling and doing yoga."


"I am a passionate admirer of this house. KKc is like a movie which never ends because new wonderful characters appear all the time."


According to Maps in my phone - KKC is home.


“There are no “common people" who visit Kanepes Kulturas centrs. They are very different, their opinions differ, their nationalities differ, but they are all “KKc humans”. You can always hear endless chatting and discussions here even between those who were strangers several minutes ago. Even some of my really conservative friends open up for a discussion when they come to KKc."


"Greetings! I am Kristaps, I can make troubles in your glass un three jokes. I am not tired in the picture!"