July 14, 2017
Some of you might remember that tasty Sicilian summer in KKc with midnight pasta…

Some of you might remember that tasty Sicilian summer in KKc with midnight pasta and loud Italians everywhere. Salvatore Garofalo is one of those people we can thank for that summer. Once again, beautiful personalities from around the world are brought to KKc by destiny, smart-ass universe and #kkchumans.

6 years ago I met Latvian guys in Sicily and that’s how I began my friendship with Latvia. I spent my first visit to Riga singing Italian and Latvian songs during the whole night in KKc – that’s how my friendship with Davis began. Once I was walking with my friends down the Miera iela, met Davis and in several days we became new inhabitants of the KKc kitchen, cooking Sicilian cuisine. That’s how the legendary “midnight pasta” was born. We were uniting people with food, gathering everyone for a tasty meal and conversations. Lunch and dinner are very important for Italians as the whole family gathers around the table as a sort of a ritual and an everyday celebration.

I feel half Sicilian, half Latvian. I’m inviting all the locals to visit Sicily, discover the beauty of the islands, explore and enjoy the sun (learn more about Sicily on Salvo’s FB page https://www.facebook.com/sicilijalv/). I recommend the same to my Italian friends – visit Latvia. It’s a great pleasure for me to create these connections. I’m very thankful for every opportunity I got in KKc and Latvia in general so I try to give back as much as I can.

I live a simple life, taking care of the land that I inherited from my father (who inherited it from his father and so on). My dream is to move to the Pantellerian island (Sicilian island close to Tunisia) — there is almost no electricity and water connection is bad but there is a lot of pure beauty. I want to run away from the big city life. A lot of young people leave Sicily but I decided to stay, running away from the big city life, helping my parents and being in one of the best places in the world. I grew up here and want to do something for my country. I do like to travel from time to time, meet new people, check what’s happening in the world and bring something interesting back home, tell my friends. For example, I fell in love with dill — we don’t have it in Sicily. And in Riga I always feel very good, like at home.

If I could be anything in the world I would be a dog, a puppy. Dogs are smart, lovely and sometimes better than people. I think people came from dogs, not monkeys.


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