Sieviešu Stendaps // Meliem garas kājas

25.11.19 @ 19.00

Lies have long legs. Most of the time. But. The length of these legs directly depend on the leg length of the liar. This is an absolute truth. Come and see for yourself, we’ll be telling the truth. Nothing but the truth. Or…? Or we’ll spill sweet lies – drip, drip, drip into your ears. Having our hands on our hearts, we can say that we will lie about the truth, but catch us lying if you can! And remember – the best lies are those you tell to yourselves. Don’t ever trust anyone who lies to you. Trust only us. Because we can be trusted in any case. To emphasize the duality of this stand-up, we will also speak both in Latvian and in English. Is this a lie? Who knows? Participants – Aiva Birbele, Laura Šterna, Una Rozenbauma, Katrīna Rudzīte, Laura Elcere, No Ra. Host of the evening – Lydia!

Tickets online 4 EUR, at the entrance: 7 EUR.

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