Sarunas par cirku / Johans Floks

24.05.17 @ 18.00

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Cirks mainās. Rīgas cirks mainās.

Pārmaiņu laikā aicinām uz sarunām par cirku. Pētīsim, kas ir cirks, kā tas mijiedarbojas ar citiem mākslas žanriem, ko Rīga un Latvija var iegūt, attīstot cirku. Pirmā saruna būs ar pieredzējušu cirka mākslas organizāciju ekspertu no Francijas, starptautiskā tīkla FACE dibinātāju un vadītāju Johanu Floku.

“Pirmajās sarunās koncentrēsimies uz mūsdienu cirka daudzveidību un cirka mākslinieku jauno paaudzi. Iedziļināsimies vairākos starptautiskos virzienos, apskatot fragmentus no Eiropas, Austrālijas, Latīņ un Ziemeļamerikas mākslinieku veidotām
izrādēm. Runāsim arī par cirka mākslas žanra un industrijas īpatnībām – izglītības un treniņu procesu, radošo procesu un izrāžu veidošanas, kā arī producēšanas un viesizrāžu organizēšanas modeļu specifiku” par gaidāmo atklāj Johans Floks.

Organizē: VSIA “Rīgas cirks” sadarbībā ar festivālu Re Rīga un Kaņepes Kultūras centru

Ieeja bezmaksas

Circus has considerably evolved to become a very sophisticated form of art. From classic to new and contemporary, circus arts have forged a rich history by embracing moments that other performing art forms have experienced, but also by welcoming a wide range of artistic expressions – contemporary dance, post-dramatic theatre, new media or visual arts. From the emergence of “nouveau cirque” in the late 60s and early 70s to the birth of contemporary circus in the mid-90s, circus artists have created many aesthetic movements, following and reinterpreting concepts from other art forms and thus creating their own.

In this session, Yohann Floch will focus on the diversity of today’s circus and the new generation of circus artists. Floch will explore several trans-national trends using excerpts from shows created by companies based in Europe, Australia, Latin or Northern America and will point out the specificities of the circus “genre”, in terms of education and training, creative and creation processes, production and touring models.

Yohann Floch is leading FACE, Fresh Arts Coalition Europe, an international network of arts organisations that supports and promotes emerging, socially engaged, contemporary cross-disciplinary art forms. It covers category-defying practices such as live art, physical and visual theatre, contemporary circus, site-specific arts, immersive and participatory projects.

He works as a freelance consultant for arts organisations and takes part in the activities of several projects such as CASA (a mobility programme to help professionals to work and cooperate transnationally) and Unpack the Arts (European residency programme for cultural journalists, critics, chief editors taking place in major festivals). Yohann regularly leads workshops and seminars on cultural policy: working internationally, he delivers lectures in universities or talks in professional meetings.

Finally, he is also an expert at the Fondation de France for the programme Déclics Jeunes providing individual grants to support young entrepreneurs realising a personal project, as a first step to enter a professional career. He is Board Member of On the Move, network providing information on cultural mobility. He is Committee Member of CCCE, Croatian Circus Creation Export programme thats supports the international touring of circus works. Yohann is also a member of the Circus and Its Othersresearch group, a core component of the Transnational, Transdisciplinary Circus Research Network (Canada).

In the past, Yohann was International Relations Manager at HorsLesMurs and coordinated for nearly eight years the Circostrada Network. He led several European studies, including Street Artists in Europe for the European Parliament, and has coordinated numerous publications related to cultural policy or to the vitality of outdoor creation and contemporary circus. He was the founding President of TEAM Network, European network of cultural magazines aiming at the exchange of editorial content and good practices, and Advisory Board Member of IETM, international network for contemporary performing arts. He worked for the Union of the Theatres of Europe, coordinated the theatre festival La Luzège (France), lived in Madrid (Spain) and Montreal (Quebec, Canada).

Entrance – free

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