Pasaule Marathon pt.2

06.07.19 @ 16.00

PASAULE team and Kaņepes Kultūras centrs invites everyone to have good time and celebrate life on 6th of July.
This time you will get chill and slow terrace during the day and energetic, active dance rituals indoors, till sunrise.
Terrace sounds of slow downtempo and chill house music, acompanied by live percussions will warm you up and will get you in proper mood.
Indoor organic, melodic techno beats and sounds of tribal deep house will keep you awake till early morning.
Get ready for your dance marathon.
Have you been practicing a lot recently? 😉

Terrace performers
💨 Edgar Essent
💨 Tim Kleist w. Rayon Gor Jam set
💨 MONVOL special chill set

Indoor performers
💨 Noid’Or
💨 Monvol
💨 V.K.

⏱⏱⏱ Prepare your body, mind and soul for positive vibes.

👖👟👕 Trainer and sport wear friendly. 👚👙👗

Appreciation for artists – 2 euros. (applies after 21.00)

Event Details