Let’s talk about Europe: Maastricht Debate

30.04.19 @ 19.00

On the 29th of April at 20:00 Latvian time, four representatives of European political parties will meet in the University of Maastricht for the second ever live debate between official candidates for the post of president of the European Commission:
⭐ Bas Eickhout of the European Green Party
⭐ Frans Timmermans of the Party of European Socialists
⭐ Guy Verhofstadt of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
⭐ Jan Zahradil of the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe

This is bound to be an exciting, illuminating debate, the outcome of which will affect all Europeans for years to come.

“Let’s talk about Europe” team has invited local political experts and journalists to join us on the 30th of April in Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs, just one day after the debate to discuss:
– What was said during the debate?
– How each candidate’s views might shape the future of Europe?
– Which claims are backed by facts, and which are without substance?

Guest participants:
⭐ Vineta Kleinberga – researcher at the Latvian Institute of International Affairs
⭐ Ansis Bogustovs – Latvian TV and radio journalist
⭐ Other guests to be announced soon!

Event will be moderated by Let’s talk about Europe event organizers Kristiāna Plāte and Rūdolfs Albertiņš.

Time and date – 30th of April, 19:00
Admission: Free

“Let’s talk about Europe” are monthly informal discussion events where we discuss one major event in Europe. To make the discussion more lively and personal, we invite guests who either directly participate, or are eyewitnesses.

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