Koncerts // Siensliens

11.04.19 @ 20.30

A chance to see the first solo performance by Siensliens in Riga since he started the year with a grand presence in the album “Kad kniebējs kniebj (When the frost bites, it’s warmer together)”. The record was released by his duo “Nielslens Lielsliens” and is a blend of indie folk, dark soul and, in parts, a krautrock-ish attitude.
This winter, the album was presented in a tour aimed at supporting the smallest libraries in the Latvian countryside, some of which are struggling to be kept alive. If Siensliens starts telling about the library experiences from tiny places such as Gatarta, Umpārte and Līkupēni, feel free to ask for a translation and maybe you’ll get one in a broken, but good-intended English.

Siensliens “Šekungār” on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK2MhptUiUc

Nielslens Lielsliens album “When the frost bites, it’s warmer together” – https://nielslenslielsliens.bandcamp.com/album/kad-knieb-js-kniebj

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