Koncerts // Rudra Beat

06.06.19 @ 20.00

Kārlis Rudra Jirgens and Harry Vagrant are sending a wide and open invitation to their tribal and mysterious concert at Kanepes Kulturas Centrs!

Karlis Rudra Jirgens is an enthusiast of the world, indigenous and ethnic music and also a multi-instrumentalist. During decades and long centuries, he has gained masterous skills with the Baltic traditional musical instrument kokle as well as with the Indian bansuri (which he learned in India – by the way). Not only that – Kārlis has learned to soulfully express himself through many different strange and not so often heard musical instruments such as Indian harmonium, bagpipes and many more. Through them, the musician transmits the message of Unity, Love and Desire for Freedom and Adventures. Oftentimes Karlis performs with his friends under the name of ‘’Rudra Beat’’.

Harry Vagrant is a lover of many different strains of world music as well. He has gained a magical skill of playing the santur – an ancient Middle Eastern instrument – which Harry learned while travelling for six months in Turkey, Balkans and Cyprus. Also, Harry has gained a wee knowledge of music theory of oriental/eastern (particularly Ottoman) music at the Labyrinth Musical Workshop in Rhodes Island Greece. When it’s possible Harry loves to travel. Now he is working on his second book about wandering, traversing and playing music in Balkan countries. Lately, Harry has engaged his talents with handpan/hang to dive even deeper into Being.

Every living soul is invited to the concert at KKC where you’ll be able to enjoy quiet, tranquil as well as joyful and even danceful compositions!

Tickets: 2 EUR at Bezrindas.lv or 3 at the entrance.

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