Koncerts // NeoQuartet

19.09.19 @ 20.00

NeoQuartet is the Polish string quartet focused on performing contemporary classical music. Members of NeoQuartet (Karolina Piątkowska-Nowicka – 1st Violin, Paweł Kapica – 2nd Violin, Michał Markiewicz – Viola, Krzysztof Pawłowski – Cello) are great enthusiasts of modern art, therefore, they very often combine contemporary classical music with visual arts, modern dance, and electronics.

NeoQuartet`s aim is to collaborate with contemporary composers and to make their music familiar to the wider audience. NeoQuartet is one of the most active European ensembles specializing in new music performance. In NeoQuartet`s repertoire there are the compositions by Reich, Crumb, Schnittke and Penderecki (to name a few). Moreover, the pieces by many young composers were premiered by this ensemble.

MORE INFO: https://neoquartet.pl

The concert starts at 20.00. Tickets: 3 EUR at BezRindas.lv or at the entrance.

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