Koncerts // For Now

08.08.19 @ 20.00

The summer is long or the summer is short?
The times goes slow or runs fast?
Answers to these questions change. Just as everything else.
We change. The spaces around us change. And times change.
And the earth does not stop spinning and we are spinning along.

Māra, Kristīne and Sascha have returned to Latvia and so FOR NOW is meeting to play again. To listen. To not to hurry. For now.
You will hear songs inspired by distance and not only. Songs that are dear to us and dear to ones around us.

Trio sastāvs:
Kristīne Liede (vocals, ukulele, guitar)
Aleksands Mariničevs (guitar)
Māra Vidiņa (vocals, bass, loop)

Entrance fee – donation

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