ELVI LIVE // LODA + Sandzhey

23.08.19 @ 23.00

The new live project of ELVI is still an ongoing process – being reshaped and created upon every occurrence of a concert. All of the material is born out of field recordings made at the Western shores of Latvia and elsewhere and crafted into pieces that are as restless as they are monuments to stillness and solidity. The experience varies between aggression and levitation, between motion and submersion, between thinking and feeling, striving to hold the tensions of opposites upon every iteration. It’s loud and it’s dark. And it’s also dynamic enough.

After the concert the night continues with a DJ set from our very own LODA / Alienated Hurt in collaboration with video artist VJ Sandzhey who shall take it to more flowing heights yet knitting along into abstraction.

ELVI is also the disc jockey Elvi Soulsystems, also one half of the electronic duo ELVI/DUNIAN, also doing film music, also doing interdisciplinary project of contemporary art, also a curator of culture. His new project is in a sense building on what started with MAXIMUM.TOUCH – a purist approach to sound source, in this case – his own field recordings using nothing but the iPhone Voice Recorder application and the devices own built in microphone, taking notes of nature, his own voice, industrial noise and everything in between. No synthesizers, no drum machines, no electronic or traditional instruments are used in his music. Nothing but the modulation of simple sound source to an extent it resembles something music-like. To think to or to love to or to dance to – depending on the occasion and your own insides.

Entrance: 2€

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